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Life Skills for Teenagers

As a Teenager do you want to develop your Life Skills and feel more in charge of your destiny?
Want to increase your self-confidence?
Want to improve your relationship skills?

Good for You!
Life is full of challenges but we each choose how to deal with them. It all starts with how we view the world:

Two Prisoners looking out through their prison cells: one saw the bars, the other saw the stars!

Each difficulty in our lives has its solution within it, once we take time out to reflect and open ourselves to the positive truth that we are lovable human beings.

We may at times do unlovable deeds, but as human beings we're basically beautiful and good, entitled to fail as long as we learn and try to do better.

We're on a journey and the clearer we can set our goals, the quicker we can learn how to be good to ourselves and others, co-creating a wonderful world for all of us to live in.

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